Beer known also as liquid gold is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. In Bohemia beer brewing has a thousand-year tradition and the first brewery school has been established in our country.

It‘s our national drink and treasure which is genuinely worldwide popular and strengthens the reputation of the Czech Republic. It’s not suprising that the Czechs have held for several years the world record in beer consumption per head, and they surpassed well-known German champions.

Czech beer is a naturally fermented beverage without chemistry, prepared from malt, water and hops, and after pouring into the glass it creates a compact dense white foam.
It’s such a panacea. It will improve your mood and its moderate consumption has positive effects on the human organism, due to the content of antioxidants and an appropriate combination of minerals, especially potassium and magnesium. It also reduces stress, promotes blood circulation and digestion, and even has anticancer and antibacterial properties.

From fooreign beers it differs in fullness, bitterness and you never have enough. You have and urgent need to drink more immediately because it will always taste delicious.

The Czech market is very varied in beer and besides traditional brands such as Plzeňský Prazdroj, Pražský Staropramen or Budějovický Budvar, you will find many local brands that will suprise you with their specific taste and color. With us you can taste the beer in the brewery, where you can watch the production of beer and see the magic of our renowned national treasure.

Czech beer is simply the best in the world and who does not believe it, just try it!
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