Party Prague

Our Party Prague programs were designed so you don’t have to take care of anything but enjoy the ride with your friends. You will be guided to all events with our willing guides who will take care of smooth course of your party. For the events out of the center we provide cars with professional drivers and guides. In the center of the city, all party locations are accessible by walking. In both cases we will pick you up at the hotel. Since you have come to Prague, we will help you experience what life in Prague and the Czech repulic looks like. You will enjoy our traditional drinks, meals, ways that Czech people party, but also great parties of an international metropolis. The only thing you need to do is choose one of our programs and we will take care of the rest.

Single Events

Our single activities include the main event, a guide, a transport, free round of beers and shots. Choose one or put more of them to your shopping cart! 

Go Karts

Go Karts is a popular activity. We provide it on the longest indoor track in Europe! Important part of the arena is a restaurant with good beer and food. This package includes 2 rides for each member of your group (20 minutes). Come with us and enjoy the ride!


Paintball is a great team activity. Each member of your group gets a uniform, protection mask and a paintball gun with ammo balls filled with color. And the color never lies. Take your friends to 1 hour battelfield in Prague indoor arena. And yes girls enjoy it too!

Shooting Range

Our shooting events are provided in a new modern Shooting range in Prague by expirienced instructors who help even total beginner to enjoy the fun of shooting. You will try several kinds of weapons including the famous AK-47! All in a friendly environment close to Prague center.

Laser Game

Laser game is an entertaining action social game full of adrenaline. Each member of a group gets a west with laser gun and then it is time to play! The goal is to ¨shoot¨your enemy with your laser gun to his vest sensors to get the points. You can play in teams or even all against all.


Airsoft is a modern sport simulating real battlefield using ballguns, which look absolutely real. We provide you with all the necessary equipment. You can choose from all kinds of games like team deathmatch. It is time to gear up, prepare tactics and beat the enemy team.

Party Package

You want to keep the party on after a single event? Put the Party package to the shopping cart with the single event and the party will continue. Following package is only available with one of our single events.

Party Package

This package will put few more hours to your single event. You will get 2 more free beers, a welcome shot, dinner reservation and free entrance to bars and music clubs. Our guide will escort you through all those events. Pick and enjoy one of our events and then keep partying through the night.

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