Team Building

You have tired and bored employees? You want them to relax and refill them with energy to work for you with enthusiasm again? You decided to organize a teambuilding event for them but you don’t have the time and people to plan the event? We are here for you!

We will take care of everything you need for your team to enjoy the events. We plan a unique event for each company to achieve the best result and have satisfied customers. Therefore write us an email or give us a call and we will do the rest.

Check out examples of our events below! All you can see can be part of your day and even more!

Contact us and we will prepare unique teambuilding event for your company. It can be few hours of activity or even several days with all available entertainment.

Our Teambuilding Activities


Paintball is a great team activity. Each member of your group gets a uniform, protection mask and a paintball gun with ammo balls filled with color. Each time you hit the member of the second team the color will let you know that you were succesfull. And the color never lies. A part of this activity is small snack for each.

Go Karts

Go Karts is a popular activity. We provide it on the longest indoor track in Europe! Important part of the arena is a restaurant with good beer and food. This activity is suitable either for small groups or big company events, which need a space for a bigger group. Pure adrenaline and joy of the ride is what your employees get.


Become a Minitank driver! Try out the thrill of driving the tank throught the diverse terrain. The driving is very similar like a normal tank. The design of it comes from the german King Tiger. This activity is not only for military fans but for everybody who wants to try something new and fun. When do you get to drive a small tank?

Cigar Bar

Smoking cigars should always be a special moment in a good and calm atmosphere. It is an occasion when you turn off your phones and let your self draw in the moment with your friends or colleagues. Great activity if you want your staff to relax and become more bound team. So let’s smoke a stick!

Absinth Tasting

Absinth is a unique liquor made from herbs with typical green color and tradition reaching to the 18th century. Its tasting is connected to a ritual mixing it with sugar and water. There are hunderds of kinds on the market and thanks to us you can choose frome a wide pallette in one place.


Our shooting events are provided in a new modern Shooting range in Prague by expirienced instructors who help even total beginner to enjoy the fun of shooting. You will try several kinds of weapons including the famous AK-47! All in a friendly and uniqe environment close to Prague center.

Laser Game

Laser game is an entertaining action social game full of adrenaline. Each member of a group gets a west with laser gun and then it is time to play! The goal is to ¨shoot¨your enemy with your laser gun to his vest sensors to get the points. You can play in teams or even all against all. But the winner can be only one.


Workout is a modern sport using your own bodyweight to train it. You workout either only with your own body or using the bars. We provide workout with the most experienced instructors in the largest indoor workout arena in Europe! You can also try out very modern obstacle course training. 


Airsoft is a modern sport which simulates real battlefield using ballguns, which look absolutely real. We provide you with all the necessary equipment. You can choose from all kinds of games including the real Counter Strike simulation!!! So it is time to gear up, prepare tactics and beat the enemy team.

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